Garment Steamers

Keep your clothing neat and crease-free, even while on the go, with our selection of garment steamers – a great addition to your laundry appliances. Great for taking away when you travel, for sprucing up a suit before you go out or even freshening up a wedding dress before the big day! There are lots of times when a clothes steamer is the best tool for the job.


Perfect for a wide range of different fabrics, you can steam your delicate items, as well as your everyday clothing to sanitise before you wear them. The vertical steam shot gently acts as a wrinkle remover, an ideal assistant to a traditional steam iron and ironing board. And that’s not all! Wonderfully multipurpose, you can also refresh your curtains and upholstery.


For more ways to keep your laundry routine simple, you can find our range of laundry baskets and clothes airers. For those who like a matching aesthetic, why not look at our Warm Harmony Collection?