Kapow Papow Zinger Smoothie Recipe

Vibrant and refreshing smoothie, easily blended to perfection in our Salter Nutripro blender.


2 handfuls spinach
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 banana
1 cup papaya
¼ cup rolled oats
Water or plant-based milk


Step 1: Chop up larger ingredients like banana and papaya flesh to help blend.
Step 2: Add everything into the Nutripro blending cup and top to the max fill mark with water (or dairy-free milk).
Step 3: Blend until your desired consistency is reached.

Top tip! Save on shop bought plant-based milk using our Salter Plant M!lk Maker. What's more, you can bake with leftover nut or seed pulp so nothing is wasted. Interested? Explore more recipes here.

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