Kitchen & Food Thermometers

Kitchen & Food Thermometers

Food thermometers are essential kitchen helpers which assist with reducing the risk of food poisoning and allow you to follow very specific recipes accurately. A kitchen thermometer takes the internal temperature of your food to ensure it is cooked the whole way through, and to your preferred level of doneness. You can even use a meat thermometer on your Sunday roast, barbequed meats and as a poultry thermometer. 


Use your food temperature probes whilst cooking with pots and pans, roasting dishes, barbeques and even in the oven. A cooking thermometer helps you stick to a consistent temperature for stocks and stews, whereas a jam thermometer can be used to reach optimum consistency.  


For dedicated chefs or those working to precise recipes, take a look at our Heston Blumenthal Precision thermometers and cooking gadgets – designed in conjunction with a working chefs’ kitchen, so accuracy is guaranteed. 


As well as thermometers for meat, we also stock a range of additional kitchen thermometers such as an oven thermometer to measure the inner temperature of your appliance, and a fridge freezer thermometer to monitor those cooler temperatures.


Our kitchen accessories include cutlery sets, timers, reusable straws and so much more – all crafted to help both home cooks and seasoned professional chefs alike. Established in 1760 and originally a family business, Salter is one of the oldest housewares brands in the UK. Our design team think carefully about how your home works, combining convenient cookware and kitchen appliances with modern innovations.