OxyWatch Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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Originating as a family business and now the UK’s oldest housewares brand, Salter is as trusted today as it always has been.

Whether you’re an avid sports enthusiast or simply need to know your health levels, this Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is perfect for on the go blood oxygen levels and pulse strength. Simply attach the small gadget to the tip of your finger to measure your levels. The device measures oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR) and perfusion index (PI). The light and compact design ensure you can take this portable device on the go, and the automatic power-off function helps prolong battery life.

  • The fingertip OxyWatch from Salter measures Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Pulse Rate (PR) and Perfusion Index (PI) from your fingertip.
  • Painless and non-evasive, simply attach to the end of your finger and with the click of a button the oximeter will show your readings.
  • Boasting a light and compact design, the pulse reader is conveniently portable and easy to use, so anyone can use the device anywhere.
  • Featuring an automatic power-off function, the compact and portable device will switch off after inactivity to prolong battery life.
  • Perfect for sports enthusiasts who are interested in their pulse rate, to the elderly and children for daily health monitoring.
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