Frequently Asked Questions

Salter Health App

How do I Import my MiBody Data to my Salter Health Account?
You can either import your data when you create your Salter Health account by selecting the option during the account creation menu, or navigate to the settings tab and click on ‘Data Management’ and select ‘Import MiBody Data’

I have issues with the data syncing from my scale/blood pressure monitor with my smart device?
Please ensure when using the scale/blood pressure monitor that you are using the correct profile that you are synced with to your smart device. Then ensure that on your smart device that you have the Bluetooth switched on and location services enabled when using the scale or blood pressure monitor.

My app is not recording data readings/ Why can I not see my data?
Salter Bluetooth connected products require both the app and measurement device to be active at the same time in order to communicate. If you are not receiving measurements then, please ensure that both devices are turned on and in close proximity of each other.  

Why do I need to enable location data to use Salter Health?
Enabling location data is a requirement to use Bluetooth connectivity.

Can I share data with Apple Health and Google Fit?
The Salter Health App can share data with both Apple Health and Google Fit, this is accessed by going to settings and then selecting the data management tab.

How do I view past measurements?
Navigate to the metrics page related to the measurement you wish to review and then scroll down to the measurements section. Press the history icon (O) to review your measurement history in more detail. You can then review and delete these measurements by swiping left on them.

I can’t see my data on the graph?
Please ensure that you’re reviewing the correct date range. Your current date range can be seen at the very top of the graph next to the add measurement button. You can either scroll left or right to find your data trend line or select a new date range using the controls above the graph.

How do I change what information is shown on my dashboard?
Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard tab and select ‘Edit’ from this menu you can choose which metrics you’re tracking on your dashboard.

People are not receiving my groups or account sharing invitation?
Firstly ensure that you’re sending the invite to the right email address. You can check this by asking your recipient to review the current email address associated with their account in the ‘Change Email Address’ menu on the settings tab. Secondly ask your recipient to check their spam/junk folder in their email client as sometimes our invitations can be incorrectly sent to the spam/junk folder.

How do I resend an invitation to join a group?
Navigate to the pending invites section at the bottom of the group’s page and then swipe left on the user’s name and delete their invite. You can then re-send them a new invite, don’t forget to remind them to check their spam folder if they’re having trouble locating the email.

How do I remove a user from a group?
Only the group’s Admin/creator can remove a member from a group. Navigate to the members’ section of the group and swipe left on the user’s name and then press ‘ok’ to confirm removing that member from the group.

How do I add a new profile to my account?
Navigate to the settings tab and click on ‘My Profiles’, on this page you can review your current profiles and press the ‘Add Profile’ button at the bottom to add a new profile. You will be asked to add a name to this profile and then press add to finalise the process. You can then swap to and edit this profile using the ‘My Settings’ menu on the settings tab.

How do I change user profile?
On any of the pages where you can see a profile image on the top right of the screen, press the image of the profile which will open the Swap Profile menu.

How do I change my profile picture?
On the settings tab Press your current profile picture or initials and select either ‘Camera’ to take a new picture or ‘Gallery’ to select a picture from your device.

How do I remove a profile from my account?
On the ‘My Profiles’ page, swipe left on a profile and select delete.

How do I share my profile?
Navigate to the settings tab and click on ‘Linked Accounts’. On this page you will be able to see profiles shared with you, people you’ve shared your profile to and pending invites you’ve send to other people to view your profile. At the bottom of this page, press share my profile and then used the pop-up to send a request to the user you wish to share with.

How do I stop sharing my profile?
Navigate to the settings tab and swipe left on the user you wish to stop sharing your profile with.

Why do my child’s healthy recommended ranges show very high/low results?

Bodies change at different rates throughout puberty. This makes it difficult to create algorithms that accurately measure the body during this period. Therefore, our healthy recommended ranges are designed for use by people over the age of 20.

Can I delete data entries?
Yes, you can. Navigate to the metrics tab related to the data entry you wish to delete and open the history tab within the measurements section. Scroll down to select the data point you wish to delete and then swipe left on it to delete.

How do I export data?
You can export your data by navigating to the metrics section related to the data you wish to export and then scrolling down to the measurements section. At the bottom of this section press the export button, choose the file type (PDF or CSV) and date range for your export.

My graph has a trend line from before I started taking measurements?
Review your measurement history in the metrics page for the data category that you have a trend line for. If there are any measurements that you do not remember taking in the oldest part of your measurement history, delete these measurements and the trend line with shrink to your new range.

My Trend line and goal line are both flat?
This is because your goal is a long way above or below your current value. In order to be more successful in achieving your overall goal, try breaking your goal up into smaller, achievable chunks. Whichever way you choose to set your goals, as you get closer toward your target, your graph will zoom to show more detail.

Why has my goal disappeared?
Currently the goals section only displays your last 12 goals, both completed and failed. Once you have 12 goals in the previous goals section, the 13th completed goal will replace the 1st.

How do I add a measurement not taken with a Bluetooth product?
Navigate to the metrics page related to the measurement you want to add and press the + at the top of the page. This will bring up the add measurement pop up. Fill this pop up in and your new measurement will be added to your data.




How exactly is my body fat and water being measured?
Salter Scales use a measurement method known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). A minute current is sent through your body, via your feet and legs. This current flows easily through the lean muscular tissue, which has a high fluid content, but not easily through fat. Therefore, by measuring your body’s impedance (i.e. its resistance to the current), the quantity of muscle can be determined. From this, the quantity of fat and water can then be estimated.

What is the value of the current passing through me when the measurement is taken? Is it safe?
The current is less than 1mA, which is tiny and perfectly safe. You will not be able to feel it. Please note however, that this device should not be used by anyone with an internal electronic medical device, such as a pacemaker, as a precaution against disruption to that device.

If I measure my body fat and water at different times during the day, it can vary quite considerably. Which value is correct?
Your body fat percentage reading varies with body water content, and the latter changes throughout the course of the day. There is no right or wrong time of the day to take a reading, but aim to take measurements at a regular time when you consider your body to be normally hydrated. Avoid taking readings after having a bath or sauna, following intensive exercise, or within 1-2 hours of drinking in quantity or eating a meal.

My friend has a Body Fat Analyser made by another manufacturer. When I used it I found that I got a different body fat reading. Why is this?
Different Body Fat Analysers take measurements around different parts of the body and use different mathematic algorithms to calculate the percentage of body fat. The best advice is to not make comparisons from one device to another, but to use the same device each time to monitor any change.

How do I interpret my body fat and water percentage readings?
Please refer to the Body Fat and Water tables included with the product or in the info section at the bottom of each metric page. They will guide you as to whether your body fat and water reading falls into a healthy category (relative to your age and sex).

What should I do if my body fat reading is very ‘high’?
A sensible diet, fluid intake and exercise program can reduce your body fat percentage. Professional medical guidance should always be sought before embarking on such a program.

Why are the body fat percentage ranges for men and women so different?
Women naturally carry a higher percentage of fat than men, because the make-up of the body is different being geared towards pregnancy, breastfeeding etc.

What should I do if my water percentage reading is ‘low’?
Ensure that you are regularly taking sufficient water and work towards moving your fat percentage into the healthy range.

Why should I avoid using the Body Analyser Scale whilst pregnant?
During pregnancy a woman’s body composition changes considerably in order to support the developing child. Under these circumstances, body fat percentage readings could be inaccurate and misleading. Pregnant women should therefore only use the weight function.

What if I don’t have access to my phone/app?
As long as you select your user number when weighing yourself on your Salter Bluetooth scale, it will store your weight and impedance data until the next time you are able to connect. If you do not want to save your data then you can weigh yourself normally and once your reading is done, your scale will scroll through your results on the screen before turning itself off.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Why my blood pressure varies even in one day?
1. Individual blood pressure varies during the day. It also affected by the way you tie your cuff and your measurement position, so please take the measurement under similar conditions.
2. The varies of the pressure is greater if the person take medicine.
3. Waiting at least 4-5 minutes for another measurement.

Why the blood pressure I get from the hospital is different from home?
The blood pressure is different even during 24 hour because of the weather, emotion, exercise etc, specifically the “white coat” in hospital which makes the results are higher than the ones at home. The attention you need to pay when you measure your blood pressure at home:

  • If the cuff is tied properly.
  • If the cuff is too tight or too loose.
  • If the cuff is tied on the wrist.
  • If you feel anxious pressured. You had better take deep breath 2-3 times before beginning.

Advice: adjust yourself for 4-5 minutes until you calm down.

If you need any more help or assistance, please feel free to contact us using the web chat.