Ironing just got easier with Salter's collection of steam irons. Our high-quality irons are designed to make your ironing experience quick and efficient, leaving you with perfectly pressed clothes every time! With our innovative steam technology, wrinkles and creases disappear in no time, giving you professional quality results at home. Whether you're ironing a delicate silk blouse or heavy denim jeans, our steam irons will provide the perfect amount of heat and pressure for each fabric type.


We’ve created irons to suit you! We know everyone has different ironing needs – that’s why we’ve created a selection of irons with different features. Choose a cordless model to avoid getting tangles in wires, or our steam station model with a large, 1.5-litre water tank. However you like to press your clothes, we have the iron for you. Don’t forget to grab an ironing board while you’re here!


If you’re looking for more laundry items, you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at our garment steamers for effortless, travel-size wrinkle removal. For drying and organising your clothes, we have a selection of sturdy airers and collapsible baskets. You can enjoy a matching cleaning and laundry collection with our beautiful Warm Harmony range – perfect for those who love a cohesive look!