Knife Sharpeners

Maintain your kitchen knives and increase their longevity with our Salter knife sharpeners. An electric knife sharpener takes the effort out of caring for your kitchen accessories – with two slots to position the blade at the ideal angle for optimum sharpening. By following a two step process, your kitchen knife sharpener firstly removes material to create a new edge, followed by stage two to hone and polish the blade for a precise, sharp finish.


Our manual sharpeners are easy to use and will successfully restore the sharpness of any knife. Whether you’re a home cook or professional chef, using a knife sharpener can ensure that your slicing cutlery will be made even more reliable and effective. From poultry butchery to achieving that perfect julienne cut of your vegetables, keeping your cutting knives in tip-top condition is the best way to effectively slice, dice and chop your ingredients. All our sharpeners are designed to be easy to use and durable, providing long-term performance and satisfaction.


Once you’ve refreshed your chosen kitchen knife, you’re ready to cook. Pair your santoku or paring knife with one of our chopping boards to protect your countertops as you work, and take a look at our other kitchen gadgets to enhance your culinary experience even further.


To sauté, boil or brown your chopped ingredients, we have a range of ultra non-stick pan sets, designed to release food effortlessly from the surface so your hard work doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the pot. Practice your fine slicing skills by preparing a medley of vegetables before cooking them in one of our woks – perfect for a midweek stir-fry.